Community comes together after explosion destroys house

A tight-knit community

quickly united to offer support after an explosion devastated a house in Blackburn.

On the evening of Sunday, December 17, a devastating incident took place on London Road which resulted in the destruction of not one, but three homes. The impact was so significant that even a neighboring barbershop seemed to have been affected.

The street was filled with scattered rubble, and the fire teams had safely evacuated the residents from the nearby streets.

Several parked cars were also destroyed, and CCTV footage captured another vehicle passing by the home just before the explosion.

Soon after the incident, a crowd quickly gathered and bravely came to the aid of a man who was trapped.

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A nearby resident shared: “There was an enormous explosion, causing people to rush out onto the street to discover the cause.”

A nearby resident shared: “There was an enormous explosion, causing people to rush out onto the street to discover the cause.”

“I am relieved that no one was hurt in the end.”

We received news about individuals trapped inside, prompting a Swift response from compassionate people. The community rallied together to offer support to those affected.cited.”

Another man who lives close by said that residents had complained of a gas smell.

A dedicated team of skilled gas engineers collaborated with the fire service to ensure the safety of the area, tirelessly rummaging through the debris.

A bystander who happened to be passing by at the time of the incident mentioned that he bravely sifted through the debris to offer assistance, expressing gratitude for the fact that no severe injuries had occurred.

According to the police, firefighters rescued a man from the property, and he was urgently transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Fortunately, his injuries are not believed to be life-threatening until now. It appears that he is the sole casualty in this incident.

Previous text messages circulating about the incident have been found to be inaccurate.

Emergency services rushed to the scene and secured a large area of the road. The explosion had impacted nearby properties.

Faz, who resides in the vicinity, mentioned being instructed to evacuate their residences and being denied reentry.

“We’re unable to re-enter and have been instructed to wait.”

Families were bravely retrieving their cherished belongings and life-saving medicines from their residences, with the assistance of officers who ensured their safety throughout the process.

Noorani Education Centre opened for evacuated families behind affected homes.

Despite the need for assistance, only one family sought refuge at the center, while the rest found solace with their compassionate neighbors and caring relatives. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the center was forced to shut its doors.

Mosque imam sent message in Gujerati asking people to support emergency services and affected.

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