Inside Putin’s Mind: Key Takeaways from His Interview with Tucker Carlson

The recent talk between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Tucker Carlson, a US conservative media figure, has attracted a lot of attention. Putin’s first interview with a Western media organization since the full-scale invasion of Ukraine over two years ago was recorded on Tuesday and released on X and Carlson’s websites.What each side gets out of this interview is broken down as follows:

Tucker Carlson’s Gains:

  1. Carlson’s interview with Putin is a big achievement for his new media company, helping to establish it as an important player in the media industry.
  2. Carlson, who was fired by Fox News last year because of a scandal, now has an opportunity to regain his influence and rebuild his reputation.
  3. Carlson’s status and reputation as a media figure are boosted by his interview with a world leader like Putin.

Vladimir Putin’s Gains:

  • The interview allows Putin to directly speak to a potentially supportive conservative audience in the US.
  • Putin wants to alter how people see and talk about politics in the US. He aims to achieve this by aligning himself with a prominent conservative figure, specifically in relation to Ukraine.
  • Putin’s global image boosts his popularity for the upcoming Russian presidential elections.

Key Points and Context:

  • Russian official media extensively covered Carlson’s visit to Moscow, emphasizing his interactions and activities.
  • Russia’s government closely watches Ukraine’s internal politics to exploit divisions and tensions within the country.
  • Putin’s main goal in Ukraine is to influence their politics and diplomacy in order to gain favorable conditions for Moscow.


Both sides benefit from the interview. Carlson can show his media power and Putin can influence public opinion and politics at home and abroad.

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