Intel Meteor Lake CPUs Redefine Integrated Graphics: A Breakdown of Benchmarks and Power Efficiency


Power and efficiency have significantly increased with Intel’s latest release of the Meteor Lake CPUs, especially in the area of integrated graphics. Interestingly, these most recent Intel CPUs’ Arc graphics perform better than AMD’s Radeon 780M iGPU, which is a significant first for Intel’s integrated graphics division.

Benchmarks Overview: Intel Meteor Lake

Five different Intel laptop CPUs from different generations were used in an interesting set of iGPU benchmarks by Phoronix, a well-known source for Linux-based testing. In line with their previous iGPU assessments and in tandem with the Meteor Lake Linux CPU testing, the emphasis was on Linux testing.

Graphics Performance Highlights:

The benchmarking results show that Intel’s integrated graphics have improved significantly over the past generation. Specifically, the Arc graphics of the Core Ultra 7 155H offer an average 33% performance increase over the Core i7 1280P. In addition, compared to the previous Core i7 8565U, the enhancement is astounding—it exceeds five times the performance.

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Titles and Benchmarks:

The benchmarks covered a wide variety of games, such as Tesseract, Unvanquished, Enemy Territory: Legacy, and Warsow. These were complemented by artificial benchmarks like GravityMark and 3DMark Wild Life Extreme. Furthermore, the Heaven, Valley, and Superposition benchmarks from Unigine offered a thorough assessment of the Intel iGPU’s capabilities.

Power Consumption Insights:

During testing, power consumption monitoring uncovered a significant efficiency breakthrough. The most recent version from Intel runs at around half the average power consumption of the preceding generation, even at maximum utilization. This significant increase in power efficiency has encouraging ramifications that could extend to applications such as Intel iGPUs in low-cost mobile devices.

Implications and Future Prospects:

The significant improvements in power efficiency represent not only a significant turning point in the growth of Intel’s iGPUs, but also open doors for their incorporation into low-power products. This might be comparable to AMD APUs’ widespread use in comparable domains. The fact that the latest Intel CPUs have an average power consumption of 24 Watts further establishes them as competitive options for a range of low-power applications.

See Phoronix’s extensive list of test findings for a thorough analysis of the benchmark results.

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