North Korea launches record long-range missile post SK-US talks

North Korea

has launched its most advanced long-range missile to date, South Korean authorities confirm, blatantly violating UN restrictions.

The immediate condemnation from the West followed the launch of the solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, which landed west of Hokkaido in Japan.

South Korean and US defense officials recently met to revise strategies for addressing a potential nuclear attack from North Korea.

In response, Pyongyang has vowed to take even more powerful countermeasures.

The reclusive state fired a long-range missile on Monday morning at approximately 08:24 local time (23:24 Sunday GMT) from the Pyongyang region.

According to officials from South Korea and Japan, the missile journeyed for a duration of 73 minutes, traversing a distance of approximately 1,000 km (621 miles).

North Korea has successfully launched its fifth ICBM this year, demonstrating its ability to reach the North American continent.

Last month, tensions between the North and the South intensified as Pyongyang defiantly launched a spy satellite into orbit, openly disregarding the strict United Nations sanctions in place.

Seoul has decided to partially suspend a military agreement with the North aimed at limiting military activity along the border and reducing the chances of clashes.

Subsequently, Pyongyang completely withdrew from the agreement, thereby unleashing its soldiers to once again bear arms in areas of the Demilitarised Zone that were previously devoid of weaponry.

Kim Tae-hyo, South Korea’s national security advisor, stated last week that he anticipates North Korea will launch an ICBM at some stage in December.

South Korean national security officials have confirmed that the missile launched on Monday was indeed an ICBM using solid fuel. This type of missile holds a significant advantage as it can be fired with minimal warning since there is no need for pre-launch fueling.

In July, the North conducted a successful test of its Hwasong-18 missile, building on the achievements of its first flight in April.

In addition, North Korea is actively pursuing the creation of a cutting-edge medium-range ballistic missile powered by a solid fuel system.

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While they recently boasted about a successful engine test, the missile itself has yet to triumphantly take flight.

South Korea and the United States are intensifying their efforts to protect the region as North Korea strengthens and expands its collection of nuclear weapons.

During a meeting held in Washington on Friday, officials provided the latest updates on their contingency plans to address a potential North Korean nuclear attack.

Moreover, the two nations reached an agreement to incorporate the strategic implementation of nuclear weapons in their military drills scheduled for the upcoming summer.

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