Rudy Giuliani faces a staggering penalty of nearly $150 million for defaming two Georgia election workers.

Rudy Giuliani has been ordered by a Washington, DC, jury to pay an impressive sum of almost $150 million to two Georgia election workers. This ruling comes as a result of the significant damage caused by Giuliani’s defamatory statements that he made against them in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

Ruby Freeman received $16,171,000 for defamation and $20 million for emotional distress. Her daughter Shaye Moss was awarded $16,998,000 for defamation and $20 million for emotional distress. Additionally, the jury granted both plaintiffs $75 million in punitive damages.

Intently, Giuliani used a stylus on a touch-screen to take notes on the figures he was ordered to pay, as the verdict was read. Upon leaving the courtroom, the former New York mayor and onetime attorney to former President Donald Trump vowed to appeal.

Following the conclusion of the proceedings, Freeman and Moss embraced each other warmly and then proceeded to hug every member of their legal team. The courtroom was filled with a sense of triumph among the plaintiffs after Giuliani’s departure. Freeman, in particular, appeared visibly relieved as the jury forewoman disclosed the numbers, even spinning around in her chair and momentarily closing her eyes.

Today is a remarkable day. A jury has not only witnessed the wrongful actions inflicted upon my daughter and me by Rudy Giuliani, but has also ensured that he is held responsible for them. I am filled with gratitude for this outcome. It is vital to acknowledge, however, that today’s events do not mark the conclusion of our journey. “There is still work to be done,” Freeman stated confidently outside the courthouse on Friday.

Moss informed reporters that he had dedicated 10 years to serving as an election worker in Fulton County, Georgia.The false narratives spread by Rudy Giuliani regarding me and my mother following the 2020 presidential election have had a profound and devastating impact on our lives in recent years.

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Moss stated, “The lies spread by Giuliani ignited a flame that has deeply impacted every aspect of our lives – from our homes, families, and work to our sense of safety and mental health. As we strive to recover, our hope is that no one, whether an election worker, voter, school board member, or anyone else, ever has to endure what we have. Your voice matters, and you are all valuable.” We sincerely hope that no one will ever have to endure such a tremendous battle in order to reclaim their own identity.

This summer, Giuliani was held accountable for defamation against Freeman and Moss due to his failure to address certain aspects of their lawsuit. The mother and daughter asserted that they suffered from emotional distress, damage to their reputation, and threats to their safety as a result of Giuliani’s false allegations regarding ballot tampering in Georgia.

In the trial, Freeman and Moss’ attorney presented compelling evidence: videos and audio clips showcasing Giuliani repeatedly making false allegations. These claims accused the election workers of ballot stuffing and participating in a vote-stealing scheme, as captured on video allegedly passing a USB drive.

Freeman and Moss provided a highly emotional testimony, spanning two days, recounting the avalanche of harassment and threats they were subjected to following the commencement of attacks by Giuliani, Trump, and others. They described to the jury the profound impact of the lies on both their personal and professional lives, recounting how it led to missed job opportunities and a sense of loss in their communities and personal identities.

“”It feels like I’m suffocating under someone else’s oppressive control,” I feel completely helpless and overwhelmed by the lies surrounding me.

A day after the incident, Freeman took the stand, clearly disturbed by the events of the day. She appeared visibly shaken as the jury was presented with numerous threatening messages. Despite her attempt to keep composure, tears welled up in her eyes as she bravely read some of the intimidating content out loud.

“Prepare your belongings swiftly. They are coming after you. I will not lag far behind. I, too, am approaching you. The refuse shall be placed in bags and taken to the curb,” read one of the messages.

Freeman testified, expressing his belief that they intended to dismember him, place his body parts in garbage bags, and dispose of them on his street.

Giuliani refused to testify.

Attorney Joseph Sibley invoked Giuliani’s esteemed legacy as a federal prosecutor in New York and his tenure as mayor of the city to portray his client as a principled individual who should not face the judgment pursued by Freeman and Moss.

Giuliani confidently informed the reporters gathered outside the courthouse that an appeal was undoubtedly on the horizon. The sheer ludicrousness of the figure presented only served to emphasize the preposterous nature of the entire process.

He added, “I am extremely confident that once this case is presented to a fair tribunal, it will be overturned so swiftly that it will leave you astonished.”

He added, “I am extremely confident that once this case is presented to a fair tribunal, it will be overturned so swiftly that it will leave you astonished.”

When asked about why he believed the trial was unfair, Giuliani responded, “I cannot go into the details, but there were several procedural irregularities that cast doubt on its fairness.”

He stated that he chose not to testify in his own defense because the judge explicitly warned that any error or wrongdoing on his part would result in being held in contempt, and this judge has a well-known history of sending individuals to jail. Consequently, he honestly believed that testifying would be pointless.

Rudy Giuliani net worth?

Throughout the trial, Giuliani consistently emphasized his financial constraints, revealing his inability to settle his numerous debts or address the charges against him. Sibley asserted that Freeman and Moss were requesting nothing short of “the civil equivalent of the death penalty.”

Sibley claimed that there is an attempt to destroy Mr. Giuliani.

Giuliani has failed to respond to numerous subpoenas in the lawsuit, with attorneys for Freeman and Moss stating in court that they have been unable to reach him.

He has been fined over $200,000 for Freeman and Moss’ attorneys’ fees, unpaid.

Giuliani owed over $1 million to defense attorneys. He was sued by them this year. He also had unpaid old phone bills of nearly $60,000. He received help, including from Trump, to fundraise and offset some of his debts. He was able to travel by private plane for his arrest on criminal charges related to election interference in Georgia.

On Friday, a representative for Giuliani, chose not to provide any comments regarding his current financial situation.

According to public real estate listings, Giuliani listed his 3-bedroom Manhattan apartment for sale a few months ago. Surprisingly, this prestigious property is still available on the market, waiting to be seized by a fortunate buyer for the generous price of $6.1 million.

It remains uncertain whether Giuliani could declare bankruptcy to protect himself from potential damages in this lawsuit. Courts may decide later if he remains responsible for the award to Freeman and Moss even after filing for bankruptcy.

In another defamation case, far-right personality Alex Jones was sued by the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims. This high-profile case requires the courts to examine similar issues.The sources mentioned that a similar issue could arise with Giuliani’s case.

The families of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims have filed another defamation lawsuit, this time against far-right figure Alex Jones. This high-profile legal battle calls for the courts to address similar concerns that may also arise in Giuliani’s case as reported.

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