Taylor Swift: Trump’s thoughts on Time’s Person of the Year 2023?

Fans are eagerly seeking information about the drama between Taylor Swift and Donald Trump. What were the precise comments made by the former president about the singer? Get the inside scoop on Trump’s Truth social media post.

What are Donald Trump’s comments on Taylor Swift?

“President Trump shared an article entitled ‘President Trump is the rightful ‘Person of the Year’.'”

The article in question is from DC Enquirer. In it, author Reed Cooper criticizes Time Magazine for awarding “left-wing singer Taylor Swift” with the 2023 award, describing it as a significant error.

According to Cooper, Time Magazine should at least recognize President Trump as the ‘Person of the Year’ for 2023, considering his remarkable success in everything he has attempted throughout his life, particularly as he was born on Flag Day.

It’s worth noting that Time Magazine has explained that the Person of the Year is the “individual who shaped the headlines over the previous 12 months, for better or for worse.” While Donald Trump has certainly been in the press, especially with the four criminal indictments filed against him, Taylor Swift has been arguably more dominant throughout the year.

Although Donald Trump has not explicitly commented on Taylor Swift being chosen as Time’s Person of the Year for 2023, his decision to share the DC Enquirer article suggests that he is in agreement with its contents. It is conceivable that Trump has only glanced at the article’s headline and promptly reposted it, without fully grasping Cooper’s criticism of Taylor Swift.

There is a possibility that Trump and/or Cooper will comment on the uproar caused by Taylor Swift fans on social media. If they do, this article will be promptly updated.

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