CES 2024 Unleashes Innovation for Pets: Smart Tech Beyond Humans

There’s more to the Las Vegas tech event CES 2024

than simply the newest devices for people. This year’s event features new and established brands in the pet technology industry, showcasing significant advancements. CES 2024 has introduced new technology for pets, including robotic assistants for dogs, smart collars with health monitoring features, and a streaming music service made for our furry friends.

Ogmen Robotics Introduces ORo: The Robotic Companion for Dogs

Ogmen Robotics has a remarkable exhibit featuring ORo, a robotic assistant designed to enhance the well-being of dogs.ORo can move independently, move around a room, play with a ball, and use its camera and microphone to understand how a dog behaves. CEO Divye Bhotani highlights theCEO Divye Bhotani emphasizes the importance of collaborating with animal behaviorists to ensure that ORo effectively interacts with dogs, especially when they are home alone.ise meal measurements in the food container, ORo is an alluring bundle for dog owners.

Invoxia’s Minitailz: A Smart Collar with Health Insights

Invoxia, a company from France, has created Minitailz, a smart collar for dogs that provides live GPS tracking and health insights. Minitailz is a hardware and AI hybrid device that has sensors for Afib detection and heart health checks. This $99 collar assures the well-being of our pets and comes with additional monthly charges.

One by One’s Melodic Solution: Streaming Music for Dogs

One by One is a Japanese company that offers a music streaming service specifically designed to calm dogs, making it a great option for dog entertainment.The $8 monthly service modifies tune and tempo according to the type of dog. OnOne by One plans to expand to include other types of animals, such as those found on farms. They also hope to use smart speakers to broadcast this unique content.e company is also looking beyond dogs.

Birdfy’s Smart Bird Feeder: A Feast for Bird Enthusiasts

With its motion-activated smart outdoor bird feeder, China-based Birdfy steals the show. This gadget uses AI to identify bird species and take close-up photos of wild birds eating seeds.Birdfy, which costs $129, admits that AI classification is difficult, but it also promises constant updates to improve accuracy.


Technology at CES 2024 shows how it can improve the lives of people, pets, and nature. These developments portend a time when smart technology coexists peacefully with our animal friends, giving them the attention, care, and entertainment they require. Get ready for the start of a brand-new pet technology era.

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